【Personal Experiences】Long-COVID The Diary of Chronic Pharyngitis No.1

【Personal Experiences】Long-COVID The Diary of Chronic Pharyngitis No.1

Premise (Note)

I am not a healthcare professional, so please note that this post does not intend to provide advice or promote treatments.
It’s simply a blog (including manga) where I document my own experiences.
Thank you for your understanding.

“What is Long-COVID chronic pharyngitis?”

※出典:厚生労働省 新型コロナウイルス感染症の罹患後症状(いわゆる後遺症)に関するQ&A

I couldn’t find the English version of the text. Here is a direct translation:
“The symptoms following COVID-19 infection (commonly referred to as sequelae) encompass a range of conditions that persist from shortly after infection, when infectiousness has ceased but no other clear cause is evident, to newly emerging symptoms after recovery, or symptoms that recur after initially disappearing.”

The adaptation of personal experiences into manga.

I turned my experience with post-COVID sequelae chronic pharyngitis into a manga. Please check it out at the link below!
Link: The manga creation base is “World Maker,” and you can view it without creating an account.

日本版:漫画のページ(World Maker)に移動する!
Ver. English : Move to the page of here manga(World Maker)!

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